Check Engine Light Diagnostics in Vancouver, WA

What is the check engine light? What do I do about it? Is it serious, or can I wait? These are questions you might ask yourself when that little lamp pops on the dash, well the answers may be simpler than you might think.

1996 and newer vehicles all use a standardized onboard diagnostic system commonly referred to as "OBD II" This systems function is to constantly monitor a vehicle's critical systems like fuel, ignition, and emissions, and store any faults in memory in the form of a "Diagnostic Trouble Code" or DTC.

That's all great, but what does it mean to me?

If the system detects a fault, it will log the code and illuminate the "Check Engine Light" also sometimes called the "Service Engine Soon" light. This light is simply to alert the driver that a fault was detected and action should be taken.

Ok, I see the light, now what do I do?

The check engine light tells the driver to do something, but it doesn't tell the driver "what" to do, or does it? If the light is on solid, the first thing to do is observe the other gauges. If everything looks normal, no excessive temperature, oil light is not on, and the vehicle seems to feel and sound like it is running normal, then it is likely safe to drive to the nearest facility equipped to address the concern. If the check engine light is flashing, that indicates a severe malfunction, and the vehicle should not be driven until a repair is made.

How does Hazel Dell Automotive & Exhaust fit in?

Hazel Dell Automotive & Exhaust is not just a Muffler shop. We are a fully equipped service facility with the latest software available and certified knowledgeable technicians able to confidently diagnose and solve any issue on today's automobiles. If your check engine light comes on, the first task is to determine severity. A service we provide at no charge is a code scan, this can be done quickly and its purpose is not to diagnose a problem, but simply gain information to help decide if the fault is imminent and needs addressing immediately or if it is something that is safe to deal with later at a time of convenience.