Exhaust Services in Vancouver, WA

Replacing & Repairing Exhaust Systems In Portland, OR & Vancouver, WA

While yes it's true, Hazel Dell Automotive & Exhaust has cemented it's reputation as a premier custom exhaust shop in Clark County, specializing in performance exhaust systems for race applications and classic street rods, we dont stop there. We put every bit as much pride and care into each job we do, whether custom dual exhaust system, stock muffler replacement, or an exhaust manifold repair, it's all about quality.

When a catalytic converter is needed, we have options available. Original equipment catalytic converters provide the highest quality for performance and longevity, however, aftermarket converters can provide a comparable repair for a fraction of the cost. Hazel Dell Automotive & Exhaust installs original equipment converters on most makes and models, but when an aftermarket converter makes more financial sense, it's important the replacement part is a high-quality product to keep the check engine light from coming back on and tailpipe emissions under the legal limit to help with keeping the environment and our air clean.

Automotive Exhaust

Due to our many years of experience, we realize the importance and value of exhaust systems in vehicles. We can work on resonators, tail and header manifold pipes.

We work on many vehicles including:

  • Cars
  • Diesel Trucks
  • Racecars
  • Street Rods
  • RVs

Striving for Performance & Quality

We use the MagnaFlow® exhaust systems because of their great reputation for quality and performance ability as a top-of-the-line product for vehicles. This product is made out of stainless steel throughout and goes through the muffler to give you the performance on your vehicle without excessive noise level.

Flowmaster & Mufflers

As one of the most popular choices, the Flowmaster Muffler is often the first pick for street racers.

  • With an aggressive and unique sound coming from the muffler, drivers can trust their car will be in good hands with this option.

Many brands have sought to imitate this muffler, but there is only one that can offer you the performance you are looking for, and that is the Flowmaster.

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If you are looking to have the highest of quality exhaust system installed into your vehicle, look no further than our company located in Vancouver, WA. We seek to offer our community top-quality services and products so that you can trust your vehicle is not only safe for the road, but that it is performing at the best of its ability.

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