Review a muffler shop? Sure, why not! My poor, old truck's muffler finally rusted through. Had called Les Schwab (they have my trust) and since they don't do mufflers, they recommended HD Muffler. I called for a quote. Then just stopped in a week later to make an appt for the next day and asked for a quote. Same price. Always a good sign. When in next day at scheduled time, guy put the truck up on the rack and said it would be about a half hour. It was 34 minutes, dammit!! lol Anyway, solid outfit, no monkeying around, no trying to upsell me. Just did their thing, told me about their 2 year warranty, and I was on my way. Can't ask for more than that.


These guys are truly artists. They took a simple description of what i wanted, and made it better than i had even imagined! They clearly have a passion for what they do, and knowledge to match. Hands down, my new "go-to" place for any of my exhaust needs.